2 Outdoor Parks That You Can Visit While In Hialeah, FL


Parks That You Should Visit While You Are In Hialeah, FL

Hialeah, FL is a great city to visit if you are the type of person that loves the outdoors. With all types of activities to do outdoors during the nice weather, there is an endless number of places for all types of people to visit year-round! Two outdoor parks that you can visit while you are in Hialeah, FL include: See more here.

  • Babcock Park

  • Carl F Slade Park

Babcock Park

If you are looking for a park to visit in Hialeah, FL, you can go to Babcock Park! Things that you will find at Babcock Park include a large field, areas for kids to hang out and play on, baseball fields, basketball courts, a playground, a pool, and some other stuff. If you need a place for your family to visit in the summer, this park is a great place to go. See here for information about 2 Parks That You And Your Family Can Visit In Hialeah, FL.

Carl F Slade Park

Carl F Slade Park is a great park to visit in Hialeah, FL as there is so much to do. At this 13-acre park, you can find all types of activities to do. You can utilize things like basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground, and a ball field.