2 Seafood Restaurants That Are Located In Hialeah, FL


Seafood Restaurants To Go To When You Are In Hialeah, FL

If you are looking for a place to eat while you are in Hialeah, FL, there are so many options available for all different types of foods. If you are a seafood lover, there are many locations scattered throughout Florida that you should visit. No matter if you are alone, with friends, or your family, you will love the dishes served at these locations. Two seafood restaurants that are located in Hialeah, FL include: Clicking here will deliver more on Hialeah, FL.

  • La Minutera Seafood Restaurant

  • Cayo Esquivel Seafood

La Minutera Seafood Restaurant

La Minutera Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant that is located in the city of Hialeah, FL. At La Minutera Seafood Restaurant, they have over 1,000 reviews and have a 4.2-star rating, which is a great rating. At this restaurant, they also mainly focus on Latin American food. Information about 2 Restaurants That Serve Italian Food In Hialeah, FL can be found here.


Cayo Esquivel Seafood

Another seafood restaurant that you can go to in Hialeah, FL is Cayo Esquivel Seafood. At this 4.3-star rated seafood restaurant, you can find all types of dishes as they also focus heavily on Caribbean dishes. More specifically, they focus mostly on Cuban seafood at Cayo Esquivel Seafood.