A Guide To Dunes Road, FL


Dunes Road, FL is located in Palm Beach County on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Many of the most popular hotels and restaurants are located in Oviedo. Dune Road was named after a road in the nearby Dunes District of Palm Beach. The road was named after one of the local farms that used to be located here, but there is no actual farm located on this road. Discover more about Delray Beach, FL here.

Dunes Road, FL is also known as Dunes Landing because of the many homes that are located along this road. The majority of the homes are located on the north side of Dunes Road, where they face south and have their backyards facing the sea. This is also the location of the largest lake on the west coast of Florida. These homes are located on the east side of the lake where it is bordered by a wooden fence. The water feature is designed to make this the largest freshwater lake in Florida. Several different businesses are also located in the area, with a majority of them located on the south side of Dunes Road. Discover facts about Interesting Facts About Greenacres, FL.



If you are planning a vacation to Florida and looking for a place that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful beaches and scenery that is available, you may want to consider visiting Dunes Road, FL. You may also want to consider a stay at one of the local hotels in this area. Many of these hotels are owned by Palm Beach County and are located on the western side of Dunes Road. They include resorts, hotels and inns, and many other types of accommodations. There are many hotels that provide accommodations that are made especially for those who are staying in Florida as part of a vacation, with air conditioning and private pools.

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