A Guide to Purchasing a Home in Sunrise, Florida


Sunrise, Florida is located in central-west Broward County, near the University of Miami in South Florida. The community was originally known as the “Tropical Settlement” because it was originally a resort community that catered to tourists and businessmen who wanted to stay out of the sweltering summer heat in their tropical climate. In the 1970’s, the housing market in Florida soured, which caused a decline in home sales, leading to an increase in foreclosures. Further facts about Coral Springs, FL can be found here.

While there are several large developments throughout the Miami area, the best place for a vacation home to be located is in Sunrise, Florida. The largest development in this part of the county is known as The Village at Oak Glen. This new community is located near the town of Sunrise and has become popular with families, retirees, and even celebrities. It is also very safe for residents. It is near the downtown area and offers many amenities that you would find in a larger community, including public swimming pools, tennis courts, spas, and a golf course. If you are interested in investing in a home in Sunrise, Florida you will need to be aware of how well this area of the state performs economically. Information about Sunrise Florida – An Overview can be found here.



Although the cost of living in Sunrise, Florida is slightly more expensive than the other communities in Florida, you will pay far less than the national average. There are many people who prefer to live in the northern part of the state because of its less humid climate and because it offers beautiful, natural landscapes. In addition to the economic benefits of living in a community like this, you will enjoy the recreational and social activities that are available. If you are looking for a large vacation home, you should seriously consider investing in a home in this area of Florida. The weather is beautiful year round, and you will have many activities to enjoy while you are on vacation. If you are considering buying a home in this area, you should also consider a Florida mortgage because there are not a lot of lenders who can offer you great rates if you live in another part of Florida. You might want to try out foreclosure in this part of the country so that you can qualify for a lower rate.

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