A Picturesque Florida Town: Little Gables, Florida


You are probably thinking to yourself, “Florida? Little Gables?” Yes. Little Gables is a small town in Florida that has been around for over 100 years. It was established as a railroad stop on the Panhandle of Florida Railway and Navigation Company back in 1885. Little Gables, Florida is home to many things including historic buildings, parks with gazebos and swingsets, an art gallery, gorgeous sunsets, and more! Learn information about Doral, FL.

Sometimes Little Gables, Florida is referred to as a “model railroad town.” This is because it was the home of Lionel Trains from 1950-1970. It also had an expressway (US 27) constructed through the middle of Little Gables, Florida in 1971, which has since been rerouted and replaced by Interstate 75. Little Gables, Florida continues to get visitors due to its historic significance and its picturesque scenery! Discover facts about A Tour of Fontainebleau, Florida.


The small town is still running smoothly today with independent shops that specialize in antiques and collectibles like furniture, quilts, jewelry, ornaments, mirrors, lamps, glassware.

Little Gables, Florida population continues to grow while maintaining its small-town feel from the 1950s era with a mixture of new construction and preserved history. Little Gable’s motto “A Place Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow” has never been more true!