A Tour of Fontainebleau, Florida


Fontainebleau, Florida is a town in the Miami metropolitan area. Fontainebleau, Florida has a population of about 2,500 people and it was founded in 1925 by developer Lewis Fontaine. Fontaine named the city Fontaineblue after his favorite racehorse who won the Kentucky Derby that year. The city’s name was later shortened to Fontainebleau, Florida when residents realized they couldn’t pronounce “Blues” properly. Learn more here.

Fontainebleau, Florida is a sleepy and charming town located just 25 miles west of Orlando. Fontainebleau, Florida homes offer affordability in an area rife with luxury neighborhoods. The most popular Fontainebleau home style is ranch-style living on sprawling lots that can be found throughout the community. Fontainebleau residents enjoy time at one of several local parks, which include woodland trails for hiking or jogging, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball hoops as well as picnic tables and barbecues set up near some playgrounds complete with swing sets or slides – all waiting to entertain kids! Fontainebleau offers easy access to both I-95 and Route 27 so commuting into downtown Orlando isn’t difficult. Learn more about Knowing About Westchester, Florida.

Imagine a place where you can wake up to the sound of waves crashing against a white sand beach. Fontainebleau, Florida is just that – an idyllic setting on Florida’s Gulf Coast, with wraparound views of turquoise waters from every vantage point. This resort community offers luxury living at its finest: spacious homes surrounded by lush tropical landscaping; amenities like a private equestrian center and golf club with 36 holes; world-class hotels which cater to discerning business travelers as well as leisure vacationers looking for a five-star experience in one of America’s fastest-growing coastal communities.