Allapattah, FL – The Trendy Florida Town


Allapattah, Florida is the second-largest Indian community located in Florida. It was incorporated as a city in October 2005, after the dissolution of the Florida townships. Allapattah was once an important center for trading, manufacturing, railroads, and shipping during the time of American Indians. The town is now governed by an elected Board of County Treasurers. Allapattah, FL is located in Florida’s panhandle near Pasco. It is one of the largest cities in Florida. Allapattah, FL is well known for its high quality of life. Allapattah, FL is known as the ‘City of Lakes’, as well as the home of the Everglades National Park. Learn more here.

Allapattah, Florida is known for its historic buildings, including the historic Fort DeFuneral Square on State Street and the Allapattah Mounds Historic Site at the southwest end of the City’s downtown. Allapattah has two public elementary schools, one each in Allapattah City School District One and Allapattah Consolidated Schools. Allapattah’s closest grocery store is the Allapattah Mounds Shopping Center on Highway 4, but it offers a wider selection of items than the store does inside the mall. It also offers a deli, an Indian Restaurant, and several dining options. The majority of the community is made up of older homes that are of Spanish or French construction. There are also a few newer condominium projects that have been built, but most of the housing in Allapattah, FL is older. Allapattah, FL is known for its closeness to the larger cities of Orlando and Jacksonville, as well as its proximity to Alligator Mountain, which is home to one of the largest known crocodile reserves in Florida. Allapattah, FL is also near the community of Summerland, which is home to its attraction, the Sundance Film Festival. Learn more about Five Best Spots in Wynwood, Florida.

Allapattah, Florida is popular for its festivals. These include Indian Palm Springs Festival in April and the Indian Spirit Festival in June. Allapattah hosts an annual Indian Arts Festival in November. This festival features musical performances, dance performances, workshops, seminars, and a traditional Arts & Crafts Festival. Allapattah’s biggest event, Allapattah Fest, which celebrates Indian culture through music, takes place in August. In addition to these events, Allapattah, FL is also known for its cuisine, which is influenced by Indian, Chinese, and French cultures.

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