An Overview – Glass Shower Doors in Coral Springs, Florida


The glass shower doors in Coral Springs, Florida are known for their style and beauty. Each glass shower door is handcrafted by a team of experts, and every piece is hand poured and cut to ensure you have the highest quality material to protect your bathroom and your family. Most people buy shower doors at the store and just put it up on the door. Not so today. Now, you can have an entirely custom door made to fit your bathroom. Your new doors will be constructed to fit perfectly into your door frame and door jam, and the installation process can take as little as 24 hours with no tools or measuring involved! Click here for facts about Coral Springs, FL. 

We are truly the only true frameless showers on the market. Our state-of the-art glass production facility consists of the latest glass fabricating machinery and our state-of the-art sealing and tempering furnaces; all designed specifically to give you a unique one-of-a-kind frameless shower enclosure that fits perfectly into your bathroom’s finishing opening. Because our doors use the latest design and highest quality glass, they require no gluing, stapling, or any type of adhesive or screwing. No holes need to be drilled. All this is accomplished with our unique multi-step process that includes sanding down your door frames and attaching a protective sealer to seal the wood from moisture. Then, a UV sealer is applied to your glass to prevent fading and chips from any water contact. Finally, the glass is hand-stamped and painted to give it the finish of a glass shower door. Information about Personalize Your Glass Shower Door at Home in Coral Springs, Florida can be found here.


The variety of glass shower doors available in Coral Springs, Florida include traditional frameless, traditional framed, scalloped, and more. Each type of door has its own set of benefits, but all offer style and beauty at an affordable price. You can now have the beauty of glass on your bathroom door. for a fraction of the cost you might pay at a store. In addition to a custom shower glass door, we offer other accessories such as hand-carved handrails, soap dishes, crystal and glass dishware sets and mirrors. if you would like, we even have a full selection of decorative wall decor. We are proud to say that our customer satisfaction rate is the best in Florida and the best in the nation.

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