Best Attractions in Tamiami


As a census-designated place in Miami-Dade County, Tamiami has a population of about 55,271 at the 2010 census. There are several activities and attractions you can engage in when you’re in Tamiami including parks, museums, exciting tours, and adventures. Information can be found here.

Shark Valley

With a more traditionally jungly section of the park that the grassy forest domes and fields surrounding the Ernest Coe visitor center like riverine and hardwood section of the Everglades, the Shark Valley is located in the cypress. You will get past borrow pits, human-made holes that are now basking spots for birdlife, turtles, and gators, tropical forest, and small creeks with the paved trail of about 15-mile. You can rent a bicycle at the entrance for $9 per hour and it is perfect for the pancake-flat trail. See here for information about Attractions and Things to Do in Southwest Coconut Grove.

Adrenaline Junkie Ride

When you depart from Sea Isle Marina, you will head right on to the playground to get a ride full of adrenaline. There are high-speed and drifting cruising, 180 spins, and 360 Twists. Then, it will be time to head to Hibiscus Island, Star Island, and Memorial Island to receive yet another shot of adrenaline. You will also see the famous and rich houses from another perspective. You will then have a high-speed back to Sea Isle Marina to complete the trip. You can let your captain know if you feel that you need more adrenaline!

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