Best Restaurants Near Morningside


As a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, Morningside boasts several places of interest. You will easily find a lot of attractions around Morningside, including golf courses, parks, museums, and outdoor activities. Morningside also has some of the best restaurants around. Further facts about  Morningside, FL  can be found here.

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Mandolin Aegean Bistro serves Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean. You will get amazingly delicious meals in this restaurant, and since its exterior is cute and charming, you may want to sit outside, if it isn’t too hot. It also takes pride in having one of the most romantic vibes of any restaurant. Mix and match sampler and select the hummus, tzatziki, and tirokafteri, a somewhat delicious spicy feta cheese dip, with the garden veggies. Information about Best of Carol City can be found here.  

Café Roval

Café Roval serves Mediterranean and seafood, and it also serves event spaces and venues. As it is full of surprises, café Roval is a hidden gem. Its garden is scenic and lush, and the cuisine is delicious and fresh. The restaurant’s craft cocktail and full bar program are brand new and unique. The backside has a hidden bar, which is a traditional Tiki hut. Café Roval also has a wide range of carefully selected wine lists with more than 80 artisanal wines you can enjoy on the patio with your special someone or a group of friends or complement your meal, and a menu of bar bites.

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