Best Things to Do in Palm Springs North


In the early 20th century, Palm Springs North sprouted into a resort destination. The city has been beckoning visitors with its excellent restaurant scene, handsome midcentury vacation homes, golf courses, and arid landscape. You will find plenty of other things you can do in Palm Springs even though many will spend their weekend simply lounging by hotel pools. More can be found here.

Take Flight at the Palm Springs Air Museum

You will see Korea-, Vietnam-era, and World World II combat aircraft at this air museum. The museum features more than 40 flyable static planes across three warehouses, from the F-4 fighter jet to B-17 flying fortress and also a couple of aircraft on the tarmac, such as PBY Catalina Flying Boat and the C-47. Learn more about Best Restaurants Near Morningside.

Visit the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens to Feed Giraffe

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens is similar to a living slice of the Sonoran Desert as it takes after its name. The zoo has a largely outdoor locale, which is broadly split into African and North American environments. You will find hoofed mammals and wild cats when you explore the grounds. 

Stop at Palm Springs Visitors Center

You can admire the architecture of this distinctive spot even if you have no information from the official Palm Springs welcome center. In 1965, the Space Age structure was opened as a gas station. People saved the place to turn it into a visitor center when Robson Chambers and Albert Frey’s retro design was slated for the wrecking ball in the 1990s.

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