Best Way to Clean Frameless Shower Doors


Easy Cleaning Tips for Glass Frameless Shower Doors

Glass shower doors can be extremely hard to keep clean, as it seems like they always have streaks. Some cleaning solutions promise to leave a streak free shine, but most of those promises are empty. Cleaning your glass shower doors can be simple with a few small cleaning hacks and tips. Adding a couple tablespoons of white vinegar to a cup of warm water can create an organic cleaning solution for your glass doors. Information can be found here.

Other Homemade Glass Cleaning Creations

It is possible to add a bit of white vinegar, warm water, and alcohol together to create a glass cleaning solution. Many of the products found in popular cleaning supplies can be found in your home, or purchased at a low cost. Mixing water and basic soap can also be a way to clean your windows. Soapy water can leave behind a film on your glass, depending on which type of soap you use. See here for information about Affordable Frameless Shower Door Installations.

Cleaning Tips

When cleaning glass doors, be sure to wipe the glass in one direction. Cleaning in multiple directions can lead to streaks on the glass. Easily remove fingerprints from glass by spraying on a mixture of cornstarch and water. 

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