Best Way to Design Your Shower Door


Wiring and pipes are quite critical when it comes to the design of your shower door. One of the recommendations from professionals at The Original Frameless Shower Door is that you must never run electrical wiring or plumbing pipe through studs or walls to prevent an anchoring screw of the shower enclosure from puncturing it. See more here.

Knee Walls

You must figure out how to include an in-line panel into your design at the point of designing an enclosure that has a knee or buttress wall. Instead of trying to modify the door, you will plan on changing the fixed panel to accommodate the buttress wall. See here for information about Design Your Shower Door the Right Way.

Shower Door Swing

According to the conventions, all hinged shower doors need to be opened outwards when you want to plan your shower design. There is specific permission for hinged shower doors that swing inwards. The reason for this is that the shower enclosure needs to encourage free access to a showering individual in case of a fall. However, whether inward-swinging and outward-opening, you can open your shower door in both directions. And for you to install a swinging shower door, there may be a need to have about 30-inches of clearance space outside your shower. 

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