Can a Frameless Shower Door Leak?


A frameless shower door has gaps and spaces around the door. Unlike the traditional framed doors, these doors lack thick metal frames. The spaces and gaps in frameless shower doors may make them less watertight. However, there are several tips that you can use to control water leakage. Click here for facts about Pompano Beach, FL.

Using Polycarbonate Pieces

Polycarbonates materials seal any gaps between glass panels and the surrounding bathroom walls. A standard door must have gaps where it is fitted to the wall. Other gaps might be found at the bottom of the door or on the handle side of the door.

To prevent water from leaking from the bathroom, polycarbonate pieces may be attached at the bottom of the glass door. Water from the bathroom bounces back to the bathroom upon reaching the seal. Information about How to Clean a Frameless Shower Door can be found here.


Eliminating Flat Surfaces in the Bathroom

The method is quite technical. It involves getting rid of any flat areas that can hold water in the bathroom. Slopes are created when installing tiles in the shower to ensure that water flows back to the shower. 

To install a less leaky and luxurious frameless door, you need an expert with the right information and experience. 

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