Coral Springs, FL is Military Hometown


Classical military activities best describe and place Coral Springs, FL, as a powerful hometown to military officers. Military bases are still standing strong in town with reserves, air bases, and army bases spread across the city. There are significant forts worth visiting to explore more about the involvement of Coral Springs, FL, in civil wars. Take a visit to any of these forts and reserves to learn more about civil wars and military involvement. See further information here.

Stratford Reserve

Coral Springs, FL hosts some of the traditional civil war forts, which acted as military bases during the world wars. The sites served as defensive positions for the war veterans due to their strategic locations. Stratford Reserve is a unique civil reserve that was constructed to host soldiers and also offer apartments for rentals to the citizens in the town. Learn more about Coral Springs, FL Is a Wine City.

Military Bases

With passion, we learn. If you want to have the best experience and look at how military bases look and were constructed, consider visiting stations like the US Army Reserve, US Naval Reserve Center, US Army Retention, and United States Army Recruitment Center. You can visit these places and learn more about the military in general.