Doral, FL Has Golf Fields Like No Other


Doral, FL Is A City in Love with Its Golfing

Doral residents love golfing with a vast number of golf fields. It had its golf course with the Doral Golf Tournament existing until 2012 when it was sold and now known as Trump National Doral Miami. This clearly shows how the people of Doral appreciate the sport with room for everyone to play and have a chance to experience golf. Visit this link for Doral, FL facts.

Miniature Golf

Doral has miniature golf for beginners like Palmetto Mini Golf with a great ambiance amid the perfect Florida climate and waterfalls cascading into pools and unique flora to spice the process up and to make you feel at ease. See here for information about Doral, FL Has Great Nightlife.

Play in Professional Golf Courses

For those with superior golfing skills, the Trump National Doral Golf Club is an excellent choice for playing the sport with professionals. The space is of pure bliss with palm trees and water bodies within the premises and sand for a good time while playing the game. The golf course has amongst the very best cuisine made by the top tier chefs and friendly staff to serve the visitors. As a golfer or a potential golfer, Doral is the right place to visit or live in.