Downtown Miami, FL – The Fastest Growing City in the Nation


Downtown Miami, Florida is the heart of Miami, Florida, the financial district of the State of Florida, and the center of the Cuban business community. The historic Downtown Miami Historic District (designated as such by the Downtown Miami Development Authority) is a vibrant U.S. historic downtown district situated between North Third Street and South Second Street in Downtown Miami. The historic Downtown Miami Historic District was designed to preserve the distinctive architectural styles and social patterns of Miami’s Old South End centered around the intersection of Southwest Third Street and Biscayne Bay. The district is designed to connect the key elements of Downtown Miami’s historic business district with the cultural offerings of Brickell and with the financial power of its many corporate sponsors. Further facts about Hialeah, FL can be found here.


Downtown Miami, Florida, is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing neighborhoods. Areas such as Downtown Miami’s Design District and Brickell, the heart of the south-eastern Downtown Miami, are rapidly growing into some of the most desirable real estate markets in the United States. Areas like Downtown Miami’s Design District are characterized by historic buildings of historic design, skyline attractions like the Chrysler Building, historic buildings of U.S. veterans, prominent public parks, theaters, and other entertainment venues, and an arts and culture scene typified by the Miami Museum of Art and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Brickell is Downtown Miami’s premier shopping destination, attracting some of the nation’s hottest retailers. Information about The Stunning Coral Way, Florida – A Brief Look can be found here. 

Downtown Miami, Florida’s Design District in Downtown Miami’s newest addition, comprised largely of office buildings and high-rise condominiums. The area has experienced a significant amount of investment, creating a mixed-use, walkable urban environment including public transportation, major retail outlets, restaurants, bars, condos, and other low-rise residential spaces. Downtown Miami, Florida, is comprised of the following major districts: Downtown Miami; Second Avenue; Third Avenue; Pine Street; Olive Avenue; San Pedro de Alcantara; Alton Road; Main Street; and Bayside. Downtown Miami, Florida’s booming real estate market provides buyers with a wide range of real estate options, from preconstruction properties to resale and repair, mobile homes to executive condominiums. Downtown Miami’s prime location, superior lifestyle, convenient attractions, and low cost of living make it one of the best cities in America to live in.