Everything About Hialeah, A Florida City with a Captivating Past


Hialeah is a city in Florida, and it has a fascinating past. The name means “high land” in Spanish. It was founded by developers who wanted to create an oasis of tropical fruit trees and flowers for the wealthy people who were living there. It became the most important agricultural center in south Florida because it had fertile soil that was perfect for growing sugar cane, citrus fruits, and pineapples. Learn more here.

Hialeah has a rich history that dates back to the ice age. Since then, it’s been home to many Native American tribes and early modern settlers. Today, this city is known for its culture and tradition rooted in the Cuban community. One of Hialeah’s most popular attractions is La Casa de las Guayaberas located on 127 W 49th St. This store was opened by Emilio Izquierdo in 1979; his goal was to bring authentic guayaberas (Cuban shirts) to the United States at an affordable price. Also, Emilio is known as a fashion designer for his modern take on the traditional guayabera. This store also offers an array of other clothing, accessories, and keepsakes including hats, wallets, shoes, belts, perfumes. Hialeah is known for its Cuban food. Learn more about All About Hialeah.