Exciting Facts About Lauderdale Lakes, Florida


Located on the southern tip of Florida near Indian Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida is one of the major tourist attractions in Florida. With more than 11,000 islands, the Florida Keys has been home to more than 6,500 residents over the years. Miami is Florida’s largest city with more than 200,000 people. The coastal state’s inland capital, Jacksonville, is also located here. This region boasts many attractions for tourists and offers a wide variety of accommodations for tourists of all budgets. Coral Springs, FL information can be seen at this link.


While the median household income in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is just over forty thousand dollars, the area boasts plenty of high-paying jobs in its metro area. This includes several major corporations in the area. In addition, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, has a highly educated workforce consisting of college graduates and several professionals with technical degrees. It is the second-highest percentage of the United States’ population that is employed in the metropolitan area. The average family size in this area is just over two individuals. Discover facts about Hillsboro Pines, Florida – Destination in the Sun.

One of the unique features of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida is its cuisine. The city is known for its warm and inviting ambiance, so it only makes sense that there are some delicious restaurants in the area. According to the American Local Federation of Gardeners and Naturalists (ALFAN), tourists and locals alike enjoy fine dining seafood, barbecue, and Latin-inspired cuisine. The national average for crime rate is one murder every 18 seconds, which makes Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, a good place for any traveler looking to enjoy a relaxed, outdoors-life setting.