Experience The Gorgeous Place of Little Haiti, FL


Little Haiti, Florida is located in the heart of Florida, directly in Tampa Bay. It is often referred to as the Little Havana of Florida. Little Haiti is known for its delicious food, colorful street foods and fruit stands, organic urban gardens, and, of course, delicious coffee. A visit to Little Haiti is a unique and interesting experience, filled with beautiful people, amazing tropical scenery, and world-class dining. Known for its many independent, artisanal restaurants, organic street foods, and its funky art scene, Little Haiti has a vibrant art scene centered around small, independent, community-based galleries. The Little Haiti Cultural Complex features local artistic talent, street musicians, and funky organic garden-based shops, while the large, covered Caribbean Marketplace sells locally produced androgyny craft goods. See more here.

In Little Haiti,FL  you will also find a variety of coffee plantations and coffee shops, including Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Acai. While on this island, you are also likely to encounter an array of other delightful experiences: an excursion to a sugar plantation, a visit to the Miami Children’s Museum, or a tour of the sugar plant. If you enjoy history, you will also love the opportunity to go on a free-living scavenger hunt or learn about the history of the island at one of its historic cemeteries. Known for its vibrant street murals, creative international restaurants, and fruit shops, tropical-style Little Haiti is also home to an emerging art scene focused on little, independent artists. The Little Haiti Cultural Complex features a variety of locally made art, dance, and theatre, while the larger covered Caribbean Marketplace sells locally produced handicrafts and produce. The street murals, locally crafted woodcarvings, and paintings are a distinctive part of the island, bringing it a colorful and unique artistic spirit. See here for information about Kendall, FL – Real Estate Gems in Florida’s Magnolia State.

While you are in Little Haiti, Florida make sure to take some time to sample the incredible food and wines of the area. You can visit the restaurants and coffee shops that are scattered throughout the Little Haiti area. You will be awed by the variety of delicious meals, snacks, and drinks that can be found in Little Haiti. A perfect day in Little Haiti would include an afternoon spent at a gourmet restaurant, followed by a stay at a local boutique hotel. Little Haiti is truly one island where you will find something for everyone. In addition to Little Haiti, there are many other islands and areas to choose from if you can travel to the area.

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