Explore Coconut Creek, Florida


Coconut Creek, Florida is a town in Broward county, Florida, U.S. Situated just 37 miles from Miami, it was only a sparsely populated town in the early 1990s, but it has grown into a thriving community. Situated on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it was named after a Native American tribe and is located between Cape Coral and Palm Beaches. It is home to about fifty-two hundred residents and boasts several restaurants, specialty shops, and a plethora of shops that sell local produce and souvenirs. A lot of the businesses and shopping have been revitalized to reflect the unique culture of the Indian tribe that settled on the land.  More can be found here.

Coconut creek is an important center for the Indian tribes in Florida. Situated right on the border of Indian reservations, the town is located just a short drive away from the reservation of Pinellas County Indian Territory. Most Coconut Creek’s population are members of Pinellas County Indian Tribal Reservation. Many of them work as day laborers and live on Pinellas County Indian lands. They come to the town to do jobs that they know will be done safely without the possibility of getting in trouble with law enforcement, which may keep them away from their reservation. See here for information about Facts About Hillsboro Pines Florida, USA.



The real charm of Coconut Creek lies in its amazing shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It has become an extremely popular tourist destination and draws tourists from all over the world. A lot of local restaurants have set up shop in Coconut creek, which offers tourists a great dining experience. Visitors can also enjoy a fun nightlife at various nightclubs and bars in Coconut creek. One can enjoy the sights and sounds of the night life while listening to live music. A lot of people like to spend time here relaxing and enjoying the warm weather and the refreshing waters that surrounds the town.

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