Explore The Charm of Sandalfoot Cove, Florida


Sandalfoot Cove, Florida is a small beach community that lies in the heart of Sandalfoot City in Palm Beach County, Florida. Sandalfoot Cove was originally established as a fishing village back in 1916. Sandalfoot Cove today has become a well-loved tourist destination, well known for its abundance of marine life and its popular Sandalfoot IslandJaunt, a water-themed amusement park. While it is not officially a part of the City of Boca Raton, the community is frequently classed along with neighboring towns that dot the compass map of Florida. Like many small Florida communities, Sandalfoot Cove offers a wide variety of amenities to travelers looking to escape the heat of larger cities while still discovering the bounty of smaller-town living. Information can be found here.


Today, Sandalfoot Cove, Florida, is home to over forty species of fish, including marlin, mackerel, tuna, snapper, sailfish, Spanish mackerel, shark, and many more. Sandalfoot Cove, Florida, has also been voted as one of the top ten must-visit destinations by Trip Advisor and Travel & Leisure Magazine. Among the other beautiful attractions located in and around Sandalfoot Cove include the Sandalfoot Lighthouse, a historic landmark that can be visited by visitors who want to learn about the island’s history. Additionally, there are Sandalfoot Bay State Park, Sandalfoot Cove State Game Reserve, Sandalfoot Cove Fishing Dock, and Sandalfoot Cove Resort. Read about Sandalfoot Cove, Florida – Great Places to Stay on Your Vacation here. 

If you would like to explore this beautiful area on your own, you can hire a traditional taxicab in Palm Beach County or book a trip on a private plane. However, if you prefer to explore Sandalfoot Cove on your own, you can drive your car directly to the Sandalfoot Cove Inn, which is located at the corner of Sandalfoot and Palm Beach avenues in Boca Raton. There are numerous Taxicabs in and around town, but it is recommended to book ahead. In addition, there are numerous Boca Raton airport rental cars available to rent for your trip to and from the island. Regardless of where you choose to visit, visiting the Florida Keys with your family is sure to be an unforgettable experience.