Flagami, FL, Florida’s Most Popular Shopping Area


The Flagami, FL is a community of Miami, FL, United States, nearly defined as northwest and south of the Tamiami canal, east of the Tamiami trail, and south of Red Road. This community was originally established in the 1930s, when two corporations merged to create the Flagami shopping complex. The shopping complex consists of more than 200 shops, restaurants, movie theaters, a spa, and other attractions. The main area of Flagami consists of over a mile of beach front with many hotels that are close by. The flag has a reputation of being the premier shopping area for all residents in the Miami-Dade County area. Discover more about  Doral, FL  here.


There are many people who live in Flagami, including families and singles who visit the area on a regular basis. There are also tourists who come to Flagami, including those who come for the beautiful beaches and for the wonderful restaurants that are located in the community. The Flagami community is also home to many retirees who enjoy living in their homes year round. The shopping center is known for its large selection of high-end stores. There are also many restaurants that offer fine dining. There are also plenty of nightclubs where residents can enjoy live music and other entertainment. Discover facts about Kendall, FL Real Estate – Florida.



Flagami, FL, is also home to many educational institutions. There are various colleges, vocational schools, community colleges, and universities that provide programs that are specifically designed to help the residents of this community to get a head start in life. A number of professional colleges also operate in the community. There are also many churches and community groups in the community that help to make the residents of Flagami feel comfortable and at home. There are also numerous restaurants that serve the residents in the area including fast food restaurants. It is easy to find a restaurant in Flagami that offers great deals on items to eat. Flagami, FL, is a community that is affordable, welcoming, and beautiful.

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