Frameless Shower Doors Versus Doors with Frames


Determining the Ups and Downs of Frameless Shower Doors

The shapes and sizes of typical framed doors are limited, which greatly reduces the options available. The whole purpose of a shower door is to prevent the leakage of water. Shower doors that don’t fit properly will not prevent water from leaking out of the shower. If the shower door doesn’t do its job, there really isn’t any point in having one at all. Another con associated with framed shower doors is that they are made with metal. Metal is a lot harder to keep clean. Delray Beach, FL information can be seen at this link.

Worn Seals and Metal Frames

Frames made of metal have a tendency to warp and wear over time. Plus, the seals of framed shower doors don’t last as long as their counterparts without frames. It is easy to see why so many people have opted for frameless doors for their showers. Framed doors can only be opened in an outward motion. With frameless doors, the shower door can be opened the opposite direction. Discover facts about Easy Ways to Clean Glass Frameless Doors.

Cost of Door Replacement

Replacing old shower doors with frameless models is more cost friendly than you think. The long term savings are nothing short of impressive. 

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