Get Inspired in Pompano Beach, Fl


What the city has to offer

Pompano Beach, located just 25 miles from Miami, offers plenty to locals and tourists alike so much so that they don’t need to go to Miami to have an amazing time. The Pompano Beach area accommodates tens of thousands of tourists every year due to its beautiful beaches and countless activities, including:


  • The Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

  • The Pompano Beach Aquatics Center


The area plays host to tons of vacation homes for Americans, and as a result it is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the country. The city hosts tons of events every year to draw in additional tourists, and the area’s expansive culture and miles of beaches makes it clear to see why so many love Pompano Beach. Find further facts here.

The Bailey Contemporary Arts Center

If you’ve traveled to Pompano Beach, the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center is a great opportunity to step out of the sunshine and experience a wonderful museum. Their extensive collections and rotating exhibits are sure to inspire you, and it presents you with a great reason to leave the beach behind for a few hours and admire works both local and international. Read about Why You Should Visit Pompano Beach, FL here.