How to Choose Your Shower Doors


Though you can keep water off your bathroom floor using a simple shower curtain, you can get an elegant solution from the right type of shower door with easy access, privacy, and water-tight seals for your shower. When you contact professionals at The Original Frameless Shower Doors, they will give you details of various types of shower doors so you can find the right style for your shower enclosure. See further information here.

Shower Design

Since there are three types of showers, the design will determine the shower door you choose. There are walk-in enclosures, bathtub showers, and standalone alcove stalls. A subset of corner showers or alcove showers, the barrier-free showers, is the fourth type. You will experience a contemporary look with this type of frameless less design installation. Also, it improves accessibility for wheelchairs with a seamless entry. Also, to determine the direction in which the door opens, you need to consider the available space around the shower, the dimensions of the opening, and the bathroom layout.

If you have a small bathtub shower or bathroom, the ideal solution is sliding or bypass shower doors. They designed some models for walk-in alcove showers, and with a typical opening of 60-inches full, you find the wide openings ideal. Discover facts about Thickness and Height of Frameless Shower Doors.

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