How to Clean a Frameless Shower Door


Use a sponge, cloth, or squeegee daily

One of the ways to clean your frameless glass shower door is by use of microfiber cloth, bath sponge, or squeegee. This ensures that the shower door gets rid of excess water after use. You can then lightly spray the shower by use of cleaning solutions. Doing this frequently will make the daily cleaning process easy. It will also prevent soap build-up, mildew, water spots, and mold in the shower. See more here.

Wipe down weekly or bi-weekly

Regular spraying of your shower system using a cleaning solution and wiping it with a sponge or microfiber cloth will keep your glass shower doors clean.  Read about Factors to Consider When Buying Shower Doors here.


Deep clean once a month

Clean your glass thoroughly once in a short while to remove any accumulated scum or grime. Scrub the entire shower system, including doors, shower valve, shower head, and cracks, to remove any accumulated materials.

Additional tips 

Avoid using abrasive brushes and cleaners. Rough cleaners can leave marks and scratches on the shower surfaces and glass. A magic eraser is the best tool that you can use to remove soap scum from your shower system. Using non-talc soap or liquid soap also reduces soap scum within your shower system.  

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