How to clean Frameless Shower Doors


Glasses are the most comfortable materials to clean since they are not adhesive, meaning they do not firmly stick dirt components on their surfaces. However, it is essential to note that glass materials are delicate and could break if not carefully handled. When it comes to frameless shower doors, most people prefer it to the other shower doors because they allow light and bring elegance to the bathroom.  Like any bathroom, it is hard to avoid moisture, mineral deposits, or unsightly grime from getting to the glass cubicle’s walls or surface. Therefore the best thing to do is find better options for ensuring that the bathroom place is kept dry and clean. Here are the tips of how; More can be found here.

Use Vinegar and Soap

Create a mixture of white vinegar and soap in equal proportions, soak a sponge in it, and gently wipe the frameless glass door to remove dirt. The rubbing should take approximately five minutes, depending on your shower door’s size, before you rinse. Learn more about Framed Versus Frameless Shower Doors.

Power of Lemon

Citric acid is considered one of the best cleaning components used in the manufacture of several existing detergents. It can also aid in the cleaning of your frameless shower. Mix the juice extract from three to four lemons with a cup of distilled water and put it in a spray bottle. Use a microfiber rag to wipe.

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