Installing a Frameless Shower Door


There are two types of shower doors – frameless and framed. Your preference should depend on your bathroom layout and cost. Between the two, many people prefer having a frameless shower door because of their aesthetic looks. Learn more facts here.

Frameless shower doors consist of thick glass panes that are normally fitted to the shower’s surrounding walls. The main reason for installing the doors is to protect the floor from water, hence maintaining the bathroom’s hygiene. Heavy-duty hinges are used instead of metals to support the glass during the installing. You can choose if the door should be translucent, transparent, or painted with decorative patterns. Read about Frameless Shower Doors here. 

The doors attract more users than framed doors due to their leveled appearance. Clear glass blends well with any bathroom environment. As such, you don’t need to spend more time looking for what will go well with your tiles or another décor. 

High-quality fittings that include up to 10mm of glass come with this shower enclosure. You may also buy chrome brackets alongside the doors. Another fantastic feature you can add to the frameless shower door is a shower tray.

 Frameless shower doors are expensive but add exceptional value to your house. They are also more durable compared to framed shower doors. 

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