Interesting Facts About El Portal, Florida, USA


El Portal, Florida is a small community in Miami-Dade county, Florida, USA. The community name is derived from the original Spanish word for “a gate” after two large wooden doors that once stood at the edge of the village as a gate to a community. This was a gateway for the people that lived there. El Portal then became a part of the City of Homestead, when it was incorporated into the city of Homestead in 1925. A major change to the community came when a major hurricane hit the area that caused the houses in the community to be destroyed. Discover more about Doral, FL here.

A group of men who were born in the community came up with the idea of rebuilding what they felt was left of their homes after the devastating Hurricane that hit the area. They started with a project called “The Big House,” which included raising the original door that was at the edge of the village before the hurricane. After they raised the original door, they put in new ones and made them into a place for everyone to enjoy as they watched one of their own children play. In the late nineteen seventies and early eighties the community began to experience a surge in population. The people from El Portal had a number of options for housing that would work with their lifestyle and budget. Discover facts about Enjoy The Charm And Great Atmosphere in Flagami, Florida.



There are apartments, homes, condominiums, and villas in El Portal, Florida. These homes have a large selection of different types of furniture to fit any budget. Each home has a pool and clubhouse and a playground for the children. In addition to the homes there are also shopping centers. Some of the homes even include an extra bedroom for anyone who likes to stay overnight. El Portal, Florida is a perfect place for any vacationing family to live in.

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