Knowing About Westchester, Florida


Westchester, Florida is a city in Florida that has been around since the early 1900s. Westchester, Florida was founded by a man named West Westchester. West Westchester’s family had deep roots and connections to the Civil War era which explains why there are so many historic buildings and sites in this small area of Florida. The city didn’t get its name until after World War II when people started moving into what used to be farmland and farming communities. See more here.

West Westchester’s grandson, West Westchester III decided to name the city after his grandfather.


Westchester, Florida has about 29,000 people living in it and there are also plenty of things for visitors and residents alike to see and do here. There are many historic buildings that date back decades ago including West Westchester III’s old house which now serves as a bed & breakfast. There is also the St Augustine Catholic Church which dates back almost 200 years with its beautiful mahogany altar imported from France; if you want to get married there or have your child baptized at this church then contact them first because they usually book out up to three months in advance! Visit more about An Exciting Vacation Destination: West Miami, Florida.