Lake Worth, FL – Real Estate Opportunity


Lake Worth, formerly named Lake Winnipesaukee, is an upscale community in Palm Beach County, Florida, situated about sixty miles west of Miami, its title from the lake located on its western border where the lake meets the Atlantic Ocean. It’s home to a diverse population and enjoys a number of attractions including world-class restaurants, casinos, museums, and recreational facilities. The community also features an excellent public transportation system, which is both efficient and cost-effective. The community also offers an excellent recreational environment for residents. With the area’s climate providing year-round sunshine, the Lake Worth community provides residents with an attractive place to live. A number of real estate opportunities exist in Lake Worth. More can be found here.

The largest and most well known Lake Worth real estate community is Lake Winnipesaukee, situated along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee Lake. Lake Winnipesaukee is made up of three main communities which include the Lakeside Townhouses, the Lakeside Villas, and the Lake Winnipesaukee Condos. These communities are designed with the convenience of living near an ocean and the convenience of living near shopping, restaurants, and recreational activities. Most of the communities offer residents access to their community’s recreational activities such as golf and tennis clubs. Additionally, residents can enjoy the beautiful lakes and the beach while enjoying the convenience of owning one of the Lake Winnipesaukee, Florida, communities. Several community options allow residents to choose from a variety of floor plans, from studio apartments, two or three-bedroom homes to custom homes designed to fit a specific individual. Learn more about Lantana, FL – A Major Retiree Destination.



The second largest community in the Lake Worth community is the Lakeside Villas. This community boasts the largest selection of homes and suites in the area, and it’s located on the west side of Lake Winnipesaukee. Amenities and conveniences in the Lakeside Villas include an onsite pool, gated community clubhouse, business center and 24 hour access to local services. Residents have easy access to major highways and other communities throughout the United States and even throughout Europe. The Lake Winnipesaukee Condos are a popular choice among residents who prefer to stay in a single family home. Lake Worth has a number of condominium complexes as well, some of which are fully leased by private developers while others remain open to the public. This makes it easier for residents to find an affordable Lake Worth, FL, real estate option that will meet their financial needs and match their lifestyle.

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