Lighthouse Point, Florida – One of America’s Premier Locations!


Lighthouse Point, Florida is a popular destination in Florida, as well as a place to visit by vacationers. It is a small beach town on the west coast of Florida, right in Miami-Dade County. Lighthouse Point sits just north of Biscayne Bay and is south of Homestead. Lighthouse Point is the main tourist attraction in the area and is one of the top destinations for travelers, and has been ranked as the number one spot for vacations in the United States, by a travel guide. This is based on the fact that it offers wonderful attractions, beautiful scenery, and a convenient location. Pompano Beach, FL information can be seen at this link.


Lighthouse Point is a relatively small suburb of Fort Lauderdale situated in Broward County, Florida. The town of Lighthouse Point, Florida consists of two neighborhoods: Crested Condos and Heritage Square. As of the most recent census, the town population was 10,340. Lighthouse Point lies in an inland bay of Broward County in Florida along the southwest peninsula of Florida and is bordered on two sides by the southern part of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered on three sides by the south-central Florida panhandle and to the north by the panhandle of Lee County. Discover facts about Hillsboro Pines, FL – A Destination for All of Your Family Fun and Vacation Needs.

Lighthouse Point has the distinction of being among the top tourist attractions in Florida amongst southern Florida. This is based on the fact that Lighthouse Point has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the entire state of Florida along with a low cost of living, great beaches, reasonable prices for housing, excellent schools, and the median income rate is above the national average. Lighthouse Point, Florida sits at the southern end of a chain of communities known as the “Venice Lakes Districts”. In the last ten years or so, Lighthouse Point has seen a dramatic increase in population which has caused a lot of new development including condos, high rises, shopping, restaurants, and a new marina.