List of Top Parks in Miami, FL


Miami serves visitors with an expansive list of parks to go to from state, national to local parks. The parks offer endless fun things to do and see involving animals, birds, aquatic life to plants. Take a look at this long list of unique parks with hidden gems waiting for you to unleash. Visit this link for more information.

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is one of the few national parks within Miami’s confinement at the broader coast with exciting things to see. This incredible ecosystem has beautiful forest cover with sand beaches and coral reefs are here for visitors to see. Read about Miami, FL Has Exciting Trends here.

Kampong Botanical Garden

This ecosystem is a state park and features exotic trees of different species and types of fruits. Tropical plants, including trees and flowers, define the botanical garden best. Visitors get a chance to walk in an endless maze to see different species of trees.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

This park is popular with locals and people from across the globe and specifically Japanese nationals. Located near a beach, visitors head here to see popular Japanese plants within the garden. There are also other tropical plants to explore with beautiful forest cover. Sand covers a better portion of this garden with a unique atmosphere for plants to grow, and flowers bloom.