Little Haiti, Florida – A Natural Holiday Destination


Little Haiti, Florida is an intriguing combination of fantasy and reality. Known for its colorful, artisanal street murals, dynamic international restaurants, and fruit shops, Caribbean-inspired Little Haiti also has a thriving art scene focused on little, independent artistic venues. The Little Haiti Cultural Complex exhibits local art, dance, and music, while the giant covered Caribbean Marketplace sells locally produced handicrafts and produce. The colorful, historic district of Cajun-influenced Port Antonio features vintage homes, gourmet shops, boutiques, boudoirs, and restaurants. The neighborhood’s diverse mix of ethnic groups, Caribbean flair, and eclectic blend of styles has made Little Haiti one of the hottest neighborhoods to reside in the New Orleans area. See more here.


But Little Haiti, Florida isn’t just a good place to live. It offers a wealth of cultural experiences to travelers and tourists. Visit the beautiful Cane Garden in Port Antonio to see firsthand some of the fabulous plant life and exotic orchids. Tour the Mardi Gras Museum to experience the rich tradition of parading around streets dressed in colorful regalia. Take a driving tour of the French Quarter, one of the oldest areas in the city. Or dine at one of the many charming restaurants. See here for information about Kendall, Florida – A Family-Friendly Environment.

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Little Haiti, Florida is perfect for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or a romantic trip for two. The island is a diverse environment with something for everyone. The climate is tropical, which makes it an ideal destination for a relaxing stay by the water. For dining and entertainment, visitors can visit historic Cajun restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels, many of which are located in the Little Haiti Historic District. The island’s cuisine is a unique blend of French, Creole, and Cajun influences.