Little Havana, Florida – A Hot Commute Destination


Little Havana, Florida, a historic district on Florida’s east coast, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination for travelers looking for authentic Cuban cuisine. Domestically, Little Havana lives up to its name: energetic Cuban life hangs in the windows. Many of the neighborhood’s buildings date from the days of the revolutionary revolution when Castro took control of the city. Today, Little Havana stands as a place where locals, including many Hollywood celebrities, rub elbows with international celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Al.  Click here for facts about Doral, FL..

For visitors interested in Little Havana’s exciting nightlife, the Latin Quarter offers a smorgasbord of high-end restaurants, discos, and lounges. Two blocks east of Little Havana on International Drive is Cuba Bay, an open-air park that features many small shops, bars, and restaurants. Other favorite Little Havana destinations include the Little Havana Museum, a historic residence of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro; the U.S. Interests and Sciences Museum; the Florida Historical Society Museum; and the Cuban Gardens & Botanical Gardens, which are near the Little Havana subway station. Additionally, Little Havana’s proximity to Miami Beach and the shopping areas of downtown Miami further fuels its popularity among tourists. One-of-a-kind boutiques line the streets along the busy promenade, and designer shops showcase high-end designer brands. Little Havana, FL is truly a melting pot of culture and art that brings together Miami’s Latin influence and contemporary design. Buy designer clothes at chic boutiques, or shop for quality designer handbags and shoes in the many small shops throughout Little Havana. For affordable fashion, check out the many thrift stores throughout Little Havana. Whether you are planning a romantic evening or just want to buy something special for yourself, Little Havana, Florida is perfect for your shopping needs. Click here to read about Experience The Gorgeous Place of Little Haiti, FL.

The Little Havana of Florida is also host to many other attractions. Among them are the Everglades National Park; the Miami Seaquarium; the Florida Zoo; the Boboli Gardens; and the Everglades Aquarium. The latter, incidentally, serves as a habitat for many sea animals that Florida residents and international tourists have been known to feed. Little Havana has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This speaks well of both the city and the Cuban people.

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