Miami, FL Has Exciting Collection of Museums


Museums spread across the city have endless exhibits of classical sculptures and a marvelous display of modern arts in music, dance, and other artistic works. These museums are significant points to learn about culture and arts of Miami. Visit a few of these museums to refresh your mind about past and present life in Miami. Learn more here.

Coral Castle Museum

This is a historic landmark in Miami that has since been turned into a museum. Visitors come here to learn about a gentleman who carved over one thousand tons of rock into a walled sculpture garden as a tribute to her fiancé. There are unique and fascinating gardens with a dazzling display of art apart from the spectacular walls covering the whole garden. Visit this museum and learn in detail why the gentleman carved this sculpture. Learn more about Miami, FL Has Beautiful Sceneries.

Miami Children’s Museum

This enormous children museum dedicates its resources in enlightening young people about the world and life in general. Lessons in the museum ideally incorporate everything about living in Miami from its modernity display to life at the beach. There are over ten galleries and studios displaying various kinds of arts a kid can imagine. Take tour kids here for interactive museum display sessions for explosive lifetime lessons.