Miami, FL Is A Historic City


Miami has a perfect blend of both classical and modern history. Amid the excellent modernity show in the city, outskirts, and downtown, this magnificent city has a great treasure in historical landmarks to explore. Its association with the Cubans, the beach, and civil wars make it to host several landmarks worth your time for fun and lessons. Discover more about Miami, FL here.

Vizcaya Gardens

Vizcaya Gardens is quite popular with locals and visitors from outside the city; this probably the most important historic landmark in Miami. This landmark villa structure features some fascinating European interiors dating back to the 19th century. Lovely gardens are surrounding this structure to explore. It has buildings and beautiful playgrounds, and if you like Italian and Spanish architecture, this is your place to visit when visiting Miami, FL. Information about Miami, FL Is a Fashion Ecstasy can be found here.


Freedom Tower

This historic building is associated with Cuban immigration to the United States. This building served as a point to process Immigration documents for the refugees. It currently serves as a museum; you can imagine all the paperwork materials in store here for you to learn about the Cuban refugee crisis.

History Miami Museum

This is an educational center with archives, exhibits, and area tours exploring Miami, FL multicultural history.