Miami, FL Is a Military Base


From classical times to the modern era, Miami, FL has been a base to military officers hosting the naval officers, the army and the air force. Military activities within the city are quite familiar with a few military planes and vehicles were seen occasionally. There are old military bases in Miami, FL, that are still in use worth visiting for fun and learning purposes. Clicking here will deliver more on Miami, FL.

Military Heritage

If you are a military enthusiast with a keen interest in watching military activities, then a visit to Miami, FL will satisfy your curiosity. There is a lot of air space and naval museums that preserve the old pieces of machinery used during civil wars. These museums offer historical lessons vital in maintaining and remembering the ancient times of veterans. Colombian White Reserves is one of the many bases with extraordinary historical vessels you can learn about. Information about Miami, FL Has Exciting Coastal Life can be found here. 

Military Bases

Military bases, especially air force stations, are scattered all over the city. Unusual activities of the air force from the bases in Miami offer some fascinating experience. Civilians are allowed to visit this naval airbase during the annual Miami, FL tradition of Fleet Week. There is also a chance for you to see all manner of military instruments from classical to modern ones