Palm Aire, Florida – Reasons Why You Should Visit


Palm Aire, Florida, home of the famous Miami Gardens real estate market is in trouble. Palm Aire is being sold as condo units are taking off in that neighborhood and real estate values are dropping across the county. Palm Aire is now being called a ghost town. That’s bad news for those folks who’ve bought homes in Palm Aire and are now unable to sell them or move them to where the values have increased. What makes Palm Aire so problematic is that local officials and real estate agents are doing very little to help sell or market the property. More facts can be seen here.


Palm Aire, Florida is a thriving community that is popular for both tourism and year-round recreational activities. With its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Palm Beach County has some of the best ocean views and top surfing beaches in Florida. Palm Beach County is home to several well-developed communities and shopping areas, making it a popular destination for tourists and seasonal residents alike. Real estate values in Palm Beach County are increasing, making it a desirable place to invest in real estate. Learn more about Margate, Florida – A Great Place to Start a Family.

In Palm Aire, Florida, the most common condo type is called Class A, which is a single-family dwelling that costs anywhere from one thousand to six thousand dollars per unit. The cheapest units are called Class C, which can cost from four hundred to five hundred dollars per unit, while the most expensive units are classified as Class D and E, which cost over one thousand dollars per unit. A Palm Beach County assessor has recently ordered the city of Palm Aire to take down the classifications of the roads and sidewalks on Palm Beach Channel to make way for a planned luxury condominium and shopping center. The Palm Beach Channel is losing its tax-exempt status, which will force the city to raise its property taxes, which will lead to more increases in property taxes and higher prices for Palm Beach Channel homes.

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