Palm Aire Florida – Welcome to the Palm Aire


Palm Aire, Florida was once an unincorporated town consisting of residential real estate, commercial buildings, and two golf resorts. In the early 1990s, Palm Aire began as a real estate development and ownership company owned by Frank Kern, who developed the Palm Aire Resort and Spa. As the owner of Palm Aire, Florida, Frank had purchased numerous other real estate developments in Florida, including the Palm Beach Gardens condominium and townhouses. Palm Aire, Florida was designed to be a low-key oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Miami Beach. The primary focus of Palm Aire, Florida was to create a pristine, environmentally friendly oasis with a small-town feel. Discover more about Coral Springs, FL here. 


The first thing that struck you as you walked into Palm Aire, Florida where the large green trees along the beach. Palm Aire, Florida is located in a climate that experiences seasons with cold winters and mild to warm summers. Despite its tropical climate, Palm Aire, Florida’s owner, Frank Kern, made sure that the water channel that runs through his resort community flows smoothly and does not form into snags or potholes that can mar other water features or harm passersby. Palm Aire, Florida has always received great criticism for not having any zoning regulations in place so even when the sun is out, the water still pools. Discover facts about Palm Aire, Florida – Reasons Why You Should Visit.

Palm Aire, Florida did experience a bit of a slow start to its growth. But the Palm Aire, Florida developer was smart enough to understand that he would have to wait a minimum of three years before the real estate market got better. The slow pace of development allowed Palm Aire, Florida to remain affordable for many years. Palm Aire, Florida now offers beautiful gated communities that are fully furnished with top-notch amenities at an amazing price. The Palm Aire, Florida developer retained many of Palm Aire’s unique amenities and features such as large swimming pools, luxurious townhomes with overlooking ocean views, Spanish-style two-story greenhouses with spectacular garden views, and two shopping centers. Frank and Lori Krambles designed the Palm Aire community with an emphasis on safety and convenience for residents.

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