Palm Beach Gardens Florida Real Estate – What Makes It So Popular?


Parkland, Florida is located about fifty miles north of Miami Beach and about twenty miles from Fort Lauderdale. Parkland is largely an affluent middle-class community, filled with shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It is also one of the most diverse communities in Florida, filled with ethnically diverse people who can include large numbers of Jamaicans, Chinese, Koreans, and several dozen other nationalities. It is also one of the hot tourist destinations in Florida, with thousands of visitors stopping by every day. This gives you an idea of what a wonderful place Fort Lauderdale can be! Learn more facts here.


The majority of residents are represented by either white-collar jobs, which include doctors, teachers, police officers, and fire fighters, or by blue collar jobs such as electricians, painters, and plumbers. The middle class, however, consists of many Parkland residents who are also represented by high school and college students who tend to attend the local universities. A resident of Parkland, Florida will find himself surrounded by beautiful scenery and landscapes. Located on U.S. Highway 24 East from Dade City, Parkland lies on the eastern edge of Lake Lanier and is approximately a three-hour drive from Miami. This location makes it a convenient place to travel to or move to since it is just a short drive away from the larger cities of Tampa and Orlando. Read about Reasons Why People Love Parkland, Florida  here. 

In terms of location, this area has everything a family or couple in search of Florida living can want. With access to world-class golfing, spas, fine dining, nightlife, and shopping, it is truly one of the most desirable areas for real estate purchase. The average home price in the area is just under five hundred thousand dollars. Although the housing market is slow, there are still many opportunities available.

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