Pinecrest, Florida – Your Ideal Florida Suburb


Pinecrest, Florida is a quiet residential suburb in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The total population was nearly 18,000 as of the most recent census of 2021. Pinecrest has a five-member village board and works under the auspices of the Village Council. Pinecrest, Florida is located on a beautiful lake at the southern tip of Pinecrest Beach. Discover more about Doral, FL here.


Pinecrest beach is one of the most famous tourist haunts in the Miami-Dade County area, which is the reason why Pinecrest has grown to become such a well-established community. Most tourists who come to Pinecrest fall in love with it on sight because it is just a beautiful sight with a view of clear water and palm trees. Some people who have lived in Pinecrest, Florida, for a while know that it is also a great place to raise a family, buy a house, and even buy real estate. Pinecrest is just one of the many communities in the Miami-Dade County area that are popular with families, retirees, and young families.  There are numerous events happening in Pinecrest, Florida, and all of them contribute to the tourism industry in the area. Some of the major events include Winter Fest which is usually in the month of January and features live entertainment by local musicians and bands. There are also three major auctions that take place in Pinecrest Florida, which attract hundreds of people. The main auction is on the first weekend in February, which features lots of new and up-to-date equipment for sale. Discover facts about Palm Springs North, Florida’s –  A Picturesque Location You Need to Visit.

Pinecrest, Florida, is an excellent community because of the excellent schools it has to offer as well as all of the activities that are provided for tourists. The Monroe County school system, which is one of the best in the entire state, is located in Pinecrest and provides students with a liberal education. The real estate prices are reasonable, the crime rate is low, and Pinecrest has all of what it takes to make it a perfect community to live in and visit.