Pompano Beach, FL’s Best Natural Areas


Be one with nature in Pompano Beach

Just because you’re in Florida doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your free time at the beach. Beaches are fun and they’re great ways to get a fresh tan, but they can also be very crowded and even stressful as a result of all of the locals and tourists. Because of this, many tourists and locals find solace in visiting the area’s natural preserves. Some of the most popular natural areas to visit include:


  • Highlands Scrub Natural Area

  • Deerfield Highlands Nature Preserve


The Pompano Beach area is situated about 25 miles from Miami and has a growing population reaching nearly 100,000. The area’s proximity to Miami makes it popular for tourists and the area plays host to tons of vacation homes for Americans. Due to this, Pompano Beach has one of the country’s top real estate markets. Clicking here will deliver more on Pompano Beach, FL.

Highlands Scrub Natural Area

The Highlands Scrub Natural Area has tons of trees and local vegetation, including some wild animals. It’s a well-preserved, natural area, and has some walking trails so it is easy to get around on. It’s a nice break from the crowded beaches and bars you’ll find in downtown Pompano Beach. Information about Pompano Beach, FL’s Best Outdoor Areas can be found here.