Pompano Beach, FL’s Best Outdoor Areas


Spend some time with nature in Pompano Beach

One of the best parts about travelling to a new area is getting to see all it has to offer in both the retail realm and the natural realm. While it is no mistake that Florida has miles and miles of beaches that draw tourists every year, its preserved natural areas are also highly regarded by locals and tourists alike. Some of the best places for locals and tourists to go to be in nature include: 


  • Deerfield Highlands Nature Preserve

  • Highlands Scrub Natural Area


Located just 25 miles from Miami, the Pompano Beach area has been booming in recent years. With a population around 100,000, tourists from across the country come here every year to have a more affordable stay close to Miami, with things to do from city to city. The area also hosts tons of vacation homes for Americans, and as a result has one of the best real estate markets across the United States. Learn more facts here.


Deerfield Highlands Nature Preserve

This is not a very large nature preserve, but it is a nice area to get away from the city and the crowded beaches to walk around and enjoy nature. Without trails or facilities, this area is rarely trafficked but is great for a quick walk around. Read about Feel Right At Home in Pompano Beach, FL here.