Popular Attractions in Boca Del Mar


As a Master Planned Residential Community, Boca Del Mar is in Palm Beach County, with about 2,350 acres. It is located just west of Interstate 1-95 in beautiful Boca Raton at the Palmetto Park Road exit. In 1971, they designated parcels of various sizes on the master plan for bicycle trails, open landscaped spaces, golf courses, school sites, church, civil, commercial, and residential. The city also boasts some attractions, including museums, parks, and other outdoor activities for any ages. More facts can be seen here.

Little Havana

People from South American countries like Peru, Mexico, and Cuba find a home in Little Havana. You will also find many Latin American shops, restaurants, and bars in the city, and it has a vibrant Cuban style with its streets and buildings all Cuban. Learn more about Most Popular Fun Things to Do in Deerfield Beach.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a narrow island, and it is between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. With entertainment, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and more, a few kilometers of white and soft beaches make this a resort in Miami. You will also see an art festival every year in Miami Beach.

South Beach

South Beach features sun, alcohol, and eye-candy, and it is packed to the gills with locals, tourists, club-seekers, and beach-goers alike. South Beach is a place to enjoy some of the most ridiculous and raucous activities Miami has to offer, whether you hang out across the street at a restaurant or bar or spend the day in the water and on the sandy beach.


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