Real Estate Investment and Marketing in Hillsboro Pines, Florida


Hillsborough Pines, Florida is a population census-designated community in Broward County, State of Florida. The official population of Hillsborough Pines was 446 at the last census. There are many businesses in Hillsborough Pines, Florida that specializes in real estate investment and marketing. Many of these businesses have their headquarters in the city of Hillsborough. Visit this link for more information.

The real estate market of Hillsborough is highly competitive due to the influx of retirees into the area. The main population in Hillsborough Pines is made up of people between the ages of twenty-five and fifty years. The majority of the population of Hillsborough Pines, Florida is made up of middle-class families with two or more children. The average family has three to four properties including both condominium and single family homes. The population of Hillsborough Pines, Florida has diversified from the older, retired population. The middle class of the area is made up of professionals such as doctors, teachers, nurses, and accountants. All of these professionals will have a higher property tax rate on their homes than families with one or two children. Learn more about Hillsboro Pines Florida – A Hidden Treasure.



Real estate for sale in Hillsborough Pines, Florida has become very popular for retirees. The first real estate investors in Hillsborough Pines, Florida were made in the late nineteen eighties by a group of real estate investors called the “Hillsborough Pines Village.” This group was a group of people that made money in real estate and made some of the finest homes in the region. Today, Hillsborough Pines real estate is no longer just a group of investors that make the best houses and build the best communities.

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