Reasons to Live in Lauderdale Lakes, FL


Located in southern Florida, just south of Miami and s Broward County, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida is a unique destination both in size and population. With a population of less than eleven thousand, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is far less populated than neighboring destinations like Lauderdale Lakes is far more diverse in culture. This means that you will have no shortage of things to do in the cities of Coconut Grove and Boca Raton and even farther east into Tampa and Jacksonville. If you enjoy the nightlife of larger cities but long for the laid back atmosphere of the smaller cities, Lauderdale Lakes has it. Click here for facts about Coral Springs, FL.


One of the things that make Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, a great destination is the fact that it is not far from the larger cities. Between the I-Drive and I-264, you can reach all of the main destinations without having to travel out of your way. Between the I-card and I-drive, you can reach your choice of restaurants on the Miami-Dade County line, including five top-ranked eateries. There are also two major animal parks and the Lauderdale Lakes Animal Museum, which are perfect for animal lovers. There are also many parks and other attractions such as the Miami-Dade County Public Library, the Miami-Dade County Flood Control Office, and the Miami-Dade County Zoo, just to name a few. Click here to read about Lauderdale Lakes, Florida – Luxurious Living at Its Best.

The second reason that makes traveling to Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, so appealing is that it is nearby to so many other fun destinations. The nearby attractions of the Everglades, including the Miami-Dade County Fish Zoo, the Miami-Dade County Boathouse, the Miami-Dade County Everglades Authority, the Miami-Dade County Museum of Contemporary Art, the Miami-Dade County park district, and many others, make it easy to spend a day here without feeling like you have gone home. In addition, the closeness of the airports makes flying back and forth to Miami-Dade County and nearby counties very easy. If you do not have any domestic flights coming into Miami until closer to the end of the year, it might be worth it to take one of the last flights out of Fort Lauderdale to take advantage of some discounted fares or to take a seat in an airline’s last flight out the program. You will find that cheap fares are not just for holidaymakers but also for regular travelers who fly into Lauderdale Lakes, FL on weekends as well.