Reasons to Visit Pompano Beach, FL


Florida’s tourism hot spot

As the summer months begin approaching and more and more people have to debate where to take their vacations, many opt for Pompano Beach, Florida. Pompano Beach has miles and miles of beaches and incomparable views of the ocean, in addition to tons of great places to go. So many people decide to vacation there because no matter who you’re with, you’ll find something that everyone can agree on, such as:


  • Indian Mound Park

  • Pompano Beach Cultural Center


The Pompano Beach area is a short drive from Miami and has a population around 100,000. The area has one of the most dynamic housing markets in the country due to the fact that so many own vacation homes there. With all of the restaurants, museums, beaches, and other sights, it is never hard to find the right activity for everyone in your party. More facts can be seen here.

Indian Mound Park

Indian mound park is located near a water taxi stop, so it isn’t difficult to get to, and it is a fun prospect to enjoy for both historians and hikers alike. You can walk a path to the top of the mound allowing you to make it to the same spot that Tequesta stood nearly 1,000 years ago. Learn more about Pompano Beach, FL: The Best Ways to Spend Your Time.