Sandalfoot Cove, Florida – A Natural Haven on the Florida Panhandle


Sandalfoot Cove, Florida is a small serene community situated on Boca Raton’s famous Gulf Coast. Sandalfoot Cove was a previously census-designated land located in an unincorporated neighborhood near Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida. The exact population at that time was only 16,882. Sandalfoot Cove is now a popular tourist destination, known for its abundance of sea life and the popular Sandalfoot Island Jaunt, a floating amusement park. While it’s not officially part of the City of Boca Raton, the town is often classified under its inspired umbrella word. Information can be found here. 


Sandalfoot Cove, Florida has recently gained popularity as a golfing destination. The town now offers golf packages at various resorts, including Sandalfoot Cove Golf Club, which serves up to eighteen holes of professionally designed and professionally maintained fairways. With Sandalfoot Cove Florida being a popular golf destination, many tourists also visit the neighboring Boca Raton area, which is famous for its many dining options and shopping malls. While the area does receive some hurricanes, the average surf season is six weeks long. There are numerous activities that you can participate in while you are on your beach vacation. These activities include kayaking, scuba diving, jet skiing, sailing, snorkeling, fishing and so much more! Read about Sandalfoot Cove, Florida – A Great Place to Swim and Appreciate Nature here. 

Situated on the southern tip of Florida, directly west of Boca Raton is the small community of Sandalfoot Cove. Sandalfoot Cove is one of the most isolated communities in all of the United States. Many travelers often find that the quiet of the area allows them to enjoy their stay in a tropical paradise, away from the distractions of the big cities. For travelers looking for a unique vacation experience, this may be just the ticket.

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